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best football picks Our website gives users the chance to choose and track anytime all available fix picks from football events and odds that as offered to them are one of the best soccer tips. Sports betting and live betting are structured very comfortable and everyone who wishes to make their bets would be oriented without any problems. The site has many features specifically designed for the convenience of our customers. Facilities that we offer can help you make your bets lightning fast and bet the right team to win!

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Football predictions can be made by everyone , but you must have the necessary knowledge of football as a sporting event. Willingly , everyone can be a successful bettor. In football, things happen in an unpredictable way and user who makes ​​the forecast needs to have data for teams and players involved in sport as well as to monitor live goal video and the play of the team. Each bettor can find data for the two teams playing in the desired betting game. All football clubs have their own personal web pages, where each shares news about their team - expectations for the next meeting, previous assessments, information about injured players and many other things related to the club. As with any other sports it is better to have your observations and knowledge of football. If bets are accepted as cash investment, you should always know everything about what you invest in betting. The information you will find on our site will help you to clarify everything you need for this game and making certain estimates and profitable bets like professional football tipster handicappers. All our soccer estimates and prognosis are well developed and are with proven accuracy. By using our Livestream and Live Scores sections you can make sure your sport bets are safe and have higher percentage of sure profit!

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Kick-off Football game Pick Result Verdict
21 02 2024, 15:00 O. Ljubljana - Domzale
Slovenia , Prva Liga
O. Ljubljana -1.25
coefficient: 1.89
1:0 Lose 1/2
21 02 2024, 23:00 Capivariano - Rio Claro
Brazil , Paulista A2
Over 2.25
coefficient: 2
2:5 WIN
21 02 2024, 23:30 Anapolis - Tombense
Brazil , Copa Do Brasil
Under 2.25
coefficient: 1.91
1:0 WIN
20 02 2024, 23:30 Argentinos Jrs - Ind. Rivadavia
Argentina , Copa De La Liga Profesional
Under 2.25
coefficient: 1.83
2:1 Lose
20 02 2024, 15:00 Ceramica Cleopatra - El Gouna
Egypt , Premier League
Under 2.25
coefficient: 1.94
1:1 WIN 1/2
20 02 2024, 20:45 Falkirk - Montrose
Scotland , League One
Falkirk -1.75
coefficient: 1.84
3:0 WIN
19 02 2024, 14:00 El Bayadh - SC Mecheria
Algeria , Algeria Cup
El Bayadh -1.5
coefficient: 1.94
1:1 (pen. 4:6) Lose
19 02 2024, 13:00 Septemvri Sofia - CSKA 1948 Sofia II
Bulgaria , Vtora Liga
Cska 1948 Sofia Ii +1.25
coefficient: 1.88
2:1 WIN 1/2
19 02 2024, 18:00 Paphos - Nea Salamis
Cyprus , Cyta Championship
Paphos -1.5
coefficient: 1.82
0:0 Lose

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