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Fix Betting steps

Any user who is willing to make bets needs to be familiar with the most frequently asked questions relating to betting and predicting fix football matches. Here are some of them:  

How much do your fix tips cost?

Single tip cost 77 $ with 1 replacement tip in case of lose or draw.

Is there a free trial?

No, we don`t provide free trial, except if special promotion for fix picks is available.

For which leagues you provide tips?

We provide fix picks for all major European Leagues, South America, Asia, UEFA competitions, FIFA and UEFA qualifications and championships.

When will I receive the picks ?

You will receive your fix predictions via e-mail after payment.

Which bookies do you recommend us?

We recommend you 188bet, Bet365, Sbobet, 10bet, Ibcbet, Pinnacle, 12bet, IBCbet.

At what age can start betting consumers?

Bettors must be at least 18 years old.

How to open an account?

Bookmaker will ask you for personal information but this is not a thing you need to worry about. They just want to know you are over 18 years and who are you. Opening the account takes few minutes.

Chose a deposit method

It comes to your personal preferences. You can use Visa Elektron or for example. Bookmaker's website are safety and secure, otherwise they won't be let to do their business.

Find an appropriate bet

Here we come to help you. If you want to make safe bets, start with our good football tips! This is the exciting part. After you complete the steps above you just type your login details and go betting. If this is your first bet, make it winning and memorable. We are here to help you!

Actual fix betting

We recommend to focus on a team you are familiar with. Follow the instructions on the bookmaker's website to find a bet. Complete the steps and do your bet!

How to make a bet?

Once you make your betting selection you have to indicate the number of his chosen date, team or competitor bet type and the result you predict. read the bookmaker rules of betting to make sure you do it right. The entire operation of the bet implementation takes a short period of time and then you receive information for the confirmation of the stake. This information includes the names of the teams in the meetings that are selected, the corresponding odds bet type, its amount, number of columns, the multiplier and the maximum potential profit.