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Fix Football tips Buffon: I`m proud of my return to Juve, that Ronaldo won the Golden Ball with us

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Juventus goalkeeper Canluigi Buffon talks about his decision to move to Paris Saint-Germain a year ago, his return to the Torino club analyzed by buy winning football picks and his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

I felt the need for this experience in Paris to get out of my comfort zone. There was no guarantee that it would work out well, but the fact that it did make me a more accomplished person. I want to thank PSG for this opportunity, since without it I would have retired a year ago. I spoke with President Andrea Aneli about this and he said it could be a positive experience for me.

However, at some point I felt the call of home and family. Coming home for two weekends a month was not enough for me. I decided to go back to Turin, but that was not the only reason. It seems as if I have completed a perfect cycle with teammates who are once in a lifetime, though I play a less important role than my previous one here. Still, I am pleased to watch my teammates run in front of me and then see myself at the door, despite my age, gives me the strength to move forward. It was a pride for me that Juventus called me to return to the team at 41.

After his back scissors for Real Madrid against us, I asked Cristiano Ronaldo how old he was. He smiled and answered me: I`m 33. Not bad, right? I thought: Look at this son of a bitch. If you can`t beat `em, join` em! I have to say that Cristiano is a really nice person to be around. We spend a long time discussing and preparing things. He communicates with his teammates. He was a pleasant surprise. If he wins the Golden Ball, I hope he does, it will mean that Juve will also win something important. I know I never received this award, but it is very difficult for goalkeepers. The only goalkeeper with the Golden Ball is the legendary Lev Yashin. He has always said that if you do not suffer after your mistake, then you cannot be a great guard. In that case, I`m probably a great goalkeeper! , said Buffon during the Turin Sports Festival.

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