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Fix matches tips Northern Ireland against the creation of a unified league across the island

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The Irish Football Association managing football in Northern Ireland flatly refuses to give any support for a unified league across the whole of Ireland, calling the proposal highly speculative and without any specific guarantees.

Businessman Kieran Lucid, as well as former Republican Nationalist Niall Quinn, organized a meeting last week in Dundalk, to which many clubs via contact fix football tispters from both parts of the island were invited. They received a presentation about the single league from the well-known Dutch company Hyperkub in Europe for the construction of a championship, which will raise interest and increase the financial results of all teams.

However, the general manager of the Football Association of Ireland managing football at Aire-Noel Muni, however, has a different opinion. He said such a potential league is a very positive step and will be met with interest in the southern part of the island. But today an unnamed Belfast source fills them with a cold shower, saying he would not impose administrative penalties on any team if he chooses to participate.

But no one in Northern Ireland will comply with such a championship, which is not within the scope and authorizations of either UEFA or FIFA. And the Association will not help any club if it is penalized for participating in an unregulated league. But the idea of a unified league across the entire island of Ireland has been going on for a long time and will probably come to the fore again until or when it receives more serious support at every level.

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