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Fix games prediction Yaroslav Rakitsky abandoned Ukraine`s nationality for political intrigue

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The defender of the Russian Zenit (St. Petersburg) Yaroslav Rakitsky announced his withdrawal from the national football team of Ukraine with a post on Instagram.

`I congratulate the national team of Ukraine on their Euro 2020 finals, I wish you success, boys, you are excellent. Ten years ago I made my national team debut and now it`s time to say goodbye, ` wrote Rakitsky, 30.

`I`m giving up the national team of Ukraine. I was expecting a call-up throughout 2019. But big football has become a big policy. It is the fear that drives people who send out calls to the national team. Politics has no place in football.

It was an honor for me to defend the national T-shirt of my country, it was an honor to win and prove the strength of the Ukrainians. It was an honor to carry my international team flag. Thank you all for your support. I have always dealt on the football field to win Ukraine! I only want gold honors! Thanks! `, wrote the defender.

Rakitsky debuts for Ukraine on October 10, 2009. He recorded 54 games and 4 goals with the national team.

Most recently, the defender played on October 16 last year in a match of the League of Nations against the Czech Republic. Subsequently, in January, he transferred to the Russian club predicted by fix football picks Zenit and after that he was no longer invited to the national team.

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