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Fix game prediction Messi is not in a hurry with the new contract

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Barcelona star Lionel Messi will remain in the squad until the end of the 2020/21 season, according to Marca. The Argentine does not intend to take advantage of the option in his current contract, which allows him to leave in the summer. At the same time, however, he is in no hurry to sign his new contract. The 32-year-old wizard prefers at the end of each season to judge how he feels and whether his body allows him to play at the highest level. Barca has provided evidence in defense of Messi

If Leo is healthy and has ambition, everyone will be happy for him to extend his contract. I`ve always compared it to Pele, who only plays for one club advised by tip for fix football picks in Brazil. I have no doubt that even when he gives up, Messi will remain connected to Barcelona for the rest of his life, Bartomeu said a few days ago.
On Saturday, the Argentine threw a hat-trick at Celta`s door for Camp Nou`s 4-1 success and already has 8 goals since the start of the season in La Liga.

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