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Fix match tip Milan prefers Mandzukic over Keane

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Everton striker Moyes Keane is less likely to make it to Milan. In recent days, information emerged that there was contact between player agent Mino Rayola and the Rossoneri. San Siro, however, have not shown a strong interest in the youngster, as they prefer to take Mario Mandzukic from Juventus.
19-year-old Keane is considered one of the great Italian talents. In the summer, he moved from Juventus to Everton for EUR 30 million. However, he is not accustomed to the Goodison Park setting, and he also has disciplinary issues, having been removed from the lineup for Southampton after being late for the team.

Milan are watching the situation with Keane, but the club from watch sport events have a much greater interest in Juventus striker Mario Mandzukic. The Croatian, however, has little desire to strengthen the Rossoneri, but prefers to head in the direction of Manchester United or the United States.
Roma is also interested in Keane, where he can meet with his good friend Nicolo Zaniolo. Wolves need to step up to compete in the attack following the injuries of Nikola Kalinic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

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