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Fix matches Racist insults at the Manchester derby

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Manchester City fans have been racist insults at Manchester United midfielder yesterday during the city derby. The two clubs predictions by fixfootballpicks are aware of the incidents and they have also been reported to Judge Anthony Taylor. Man City has announced that `anyone found guilty of racist insults` will be punished with a lifetime ban from attending matches. The club added that they were informed of the video on social networks, which shows how their fan gestures a monkey towards the players of United.

The incident with Fred happened when he was trying to strike a corner kick in the second half. Then, besides insults, objects also flew at him, and one of them hit him. The Brazilian commented that it is a shame that such incidents continue to happen in 2019. `We are still a backward society. Unfortunately, this happens in some stadiums. It happened here, it happened in Ukraine with my friends. It is sad, butwe have to keep our heads high and forget about it. We don`t have to pay attention to them because they want it, `Fred said.

Other players at Man United have also been victims of similar offenses. Manchester City have announced they will cooperate with police to find those involved in the incident. Police said the arrests had not been made, but an investigation was under way.

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