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Fix game tip Serena Williams: I don`t deserve to be paid less than men

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Winner of the record-breaking Open Age era 23 Grand Slam titles, Serina Williams is convinced that more tournaments should offer the same prize pool for men and women. This practice is already a fact in the four Grand Slam tournaments from fix winning football picks and separate competitions like in Indian Wells, but Serena thinks that is not enough.

I deserve to be paid the same amount. I do not deserve less just because I have breasts and they do not. I`ve been working hard for three years. I think they have worked as hard as they did at 3, 4, 2, or when they started. In fact, I have a picture of me in a baby stroller, so it`s still with me. I know for a fact that my entire life is dedicated to becoming a global media outlet and should not have to pay me less just because of my gender, said Williams, 38, quoted by TennisWorld.

Serina adds that she takes her every game seriously. In fact, I never underestimate anyone. Every time I go out on the court, I think: anything can happen in this match. Every tennis player who comes up against me plays amazingly, said the even younger of the Williams sisters.

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