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Fix games prediction Alexander-Arnold: We`re glad we got a few more years with Klop

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Liverpool players are pleased with the new agreement between the team and manager Jurgen Klop, said star Trent Alexander-Arnold. The German specialist will remain in Merseyside until the summer of 2024, but has almost reached the summit - Liverpool have won the Champions League and are a clear favorite for the title in England.

`He has already shown that he is a world-class manager, and why not the best of them all. Klop did something special with this team, which is why the fans adore him. He just fit perfectly, attracted players and raised them to his level. `We are grateful that we have a manager like him and we want to work together as long as possible, ` he said.

Alexander-Arnold talks about an official club prediction by watch sport events website after a 2-0 win over Watford. It did not come easily, but the Reds still won with goals from Mohammed Salah, and the next challenge for the team is the World Cup.

`We want to win and that`s just important to us. We`re going to try to continue our series and get another trophy. We want to be a top-class team and to become one, we have to make a buy, ` the right-hander added. back.

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