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Fix match tip Sarri: I`m starting to enjoy myself in Juventus

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Juventus mentor Maurizio Sarri expressed his satisfaction with the team play. The old lady ranks second in Serie A, second only to the Inter leader by a margin of difference.

I`m starting to really enjoy our matches prediction by record for fix football predictions and our training sessions. If I do, then the team is playing, or at least trying to play the football I hope. If I enjoy it, it is because we have weaknesses that I can, however, correct. The goal must always be a utopia. As if we were never satisfied, there was always something to improve. Let`s not forget that we have only lost one game so far. In the last two, we`ve changed the scheme, which really gets a lot out of you, so it`s inevitable that you`re tired at the end of meetings. We have conceded two goals in our last three matches, one in the 95th minute. It`s not like they get us every 5 minutes. We make mistakes, but it is strange that we usually make more hits when defending deep, not when applying a high press. It is difficult to understand why this is the case, but we must work on it.

Wojciech Szczesny is on line, Mathieu de Chillot is in good shape, and Aaron Ramsay and Douglas Costa are working to recover completely. We are missing only Giorgio Chiellini and Sammy Kedira who underwent knee surgery. Last season I played three finals with Chelsea. The Super Cup match is important, we are motivated and there are elements from our last clash that can give us even more motivation. Lazio are even more dangerous when playing only one match, being strong physically and tactically. I find it amazing that they have not qualified in the Champions League for years as they have one of the best midfielders in Serie A, while Ciro Imobile has 16 goals in 17 games, Sarri said at his press conference before tomorrow`s match forItaly`s Super Cup between the two teams.

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