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Fix matches predictions Spain has dominated European football in the last decade

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Spain has dominated European football for the past 10 years, according to a UEFA study of national team tournaments under its auspices. In the last 10 years, UEFA has held 57 tournaments advised by fix football partners for men, young people, adolescents, women, girls, as well as futsal for men and women. In all categories, Spain has 20 titles, followed by Germany with 9 and France with 7. The Spanish teams have the most finals appearances: 32. Following are Germany with 16 and France with 12. Again Spain is first in qualifications -She has qualified 46 times for the finals, followed by Germany with 40 and England with 38.

Two European Championships were won during the study period, which were won by Spain and Portugal, with the lost finalists being France and Italy. However, Portugal also has one title from the League of Nations tournament, which had its first edition this year.

At the European Youth Championships (up to 21 years old), Spain has three titles in four finals, and in the under-19s Spain again tops: 4 in 5 finals. In 17-year-olds, the Netherlands is apparently ready with its next golden generation because it has won 4 out of five championships. However, women dominate Germany, especially in girls older and younger, and the Bundestim took a total of 7 home titles.

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