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Fix match Texas police save football megastar from lynching during family incident

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Earl Thomas, a Baltimore star of the US National Football League (NFL), was saved from prompt police intervention in a family accident. TMZ Sports reports that Ravens` safe was caught by his wife Nina in adultery and she threatened him with a firearm and later with a knife. TMZ Sports reports that the incident took place on April 13 and involved Earl Thomas, Nina Thomas and several others. Police in Austin, Texas, responded to a noise call at 3:41 a. m. and found a rather curious picture. `We found a dark-skinned woman in an orange sweatshirt holding a knife in her hand. She was later identified as Nina Thomas. She was chasing a black man naked to the waist, who was holding a gun and running around a vehicle. `writes in the report of the police from the Texas district administration. They pulled out their own weapons and ordered Nina and Earl to lie on the ground, and the star couple cooperated and everything went smoothly. However, Nina`s story before the judiciary is shocking. She claims that the 30-year-old Earl left the family home earlier in the day after an alcohol dispute and got into a car driven by his brother Seth Thomas. Later, however, Nina decides to check her husband`s location through his personal Snapchat account and finds his video with another woman. Nina claims to have opened Earl`s Snapchat account to find out where he is and eventually found him in a nearby rental house. She summoned two other women to support the upcoming Earl dispute. Nina also claims to have taken Earl`s personal weapon, a 9mm Beretta, in order to intimidate him. Entering the house, the three women found `Earl, Seth and other women naked in bed. `Nina admits that at that moment she took out the weapon and aimed it at Earl`s head, but according to her, the fuse was turned on and the Beret could not fire. However, the police have another version, and there is a video of one of the women who filmed the whole incident. `She is holding the weapon less than a foot from his head and it can be clearly seen that Nina`s finger is on the trigger and the fuse is off, ` police said in a report. They add that Earl managed to fight Nina for the gun, but still took a few blows to the nose before the end of the quarrel. This is how the firearm fell into the hands of Ravens` safe. Law enforcement officers also took information from one of the women with whom Earl Thomas is alleged to have cheated on his wife. She claims that Nina threatened her and the other woman with a firearm and shouted: `I have one for you, k ****`. The woman also claims that one of Nina`s friends aggressively brandished a knife during the quarrel. After talking to everyone, the police arrested Nina and her friends. Ms Thomas is accused of forcibly breaking into a property for the purpose of assault with a deadly weapon, as well as domestic violence. Nina also has a 200-meter restraining order, which remains at large. Earl Thomas is one of the best defensive players in the NFL in the last ten years. He has 7 participations Fix match - more details and information: Fix match

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