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Fix matches predictions Conte: We did not receive any support from the club

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Inter coach Antonio Conte led the Nerazzurri to 2nd place in Serie A, with his team finishing just one point behind champions Juventus. However, the coach believes that the difference between the two clubs remains serious and his team still has a lot of work to do to catch up with the `Bianconeri`. Conte also attacked the Inter bosses for not providing enough support to the team in recent months.

`The boys and the coaching staff deserve praise for what they have achieved this season. Inter had not won so many points in a long time. We are still lagging behind Juventus and the difference is not small. We must be intelligent and not sway between depressionand euphoria, because both are harmful and too extreme. Europe, it was a difficult year for me, but I am glad that I worked with these guys, who are true professionals and gave their all. Juve won the ninth consecutive Scudetto and we can only congratulate them. They once again showed that they are stronger. Our goal is to close the gap. The Bianconeri have a strong infrastructure both on and off the field, which is better than that of the other teams, but we are trying to get closer toAtalanta has achieved much morefor the season with the ideas of Can Piero Gasperini. It was difficult for everyone against them. However, we had prepared well for this match. My team performed well, although it was constantly criticized, as was I, `said Conte.

The coach then started attacking the management.

` The year was difficult for me, very difficult. I don`t think the players` work was appreciated. They received almost no support from the club. We must continue to grow and improve in every way, including off the field. A big club has to defend its players. I will talk to the bosses about this after the end of the season. I have to meet with the president, who is currently in China. The year was tense, but the players did well to isolate themselves from criticism and unite, despite all the difficulties. We have been flooded with slop in recent months, but we have not received any protection from the club. The problem is that I have a vision for the club, I know the path we have to take and what we have to do. I recently watched an interview with Luciano Spalletti from 2017. We are now in 2020, and nothing has changed. I can give direction in the first year, but if we do not learn our lessons and continue to make the same mistakes, then we are just crazy. And I want to be clear, I`m not talking about the work of the market and the transfers in the club analyzed by fix winning football picks `, added the specialist.

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