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Fix matches Rafael Varane: I am to blame for the loss

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Real Madrid central defender Rafael Varane has claimed responsibility for the loss to Manchester City. Yesterday, the Frenchman made two fatal mistakes that led to goals from the opponent. The Citizens won 2-1 and eliminated the Spanish champions in the Champions League round of 16. `This loss is mine, I have to accept it. I am to blame for the loss. We prepared well, but you pay for your mistakes. I am sad for my teammates, ` Varane said after the match.

`I can`t explain my mistakes, but I have to accept them. It`s complicated, it hasn`t happened to me many times in my career. However, when that happens, it`s fatal in my position. Now I have to show character and overcome what happened. `I failed today, but I have to accept it. `

White`s coach Zinedine Zidane has refused to blame the defender for the relegation, trying to draw attention to what Real have achieved this season: `We will tell Varane to stay with his head held high. Our season was very good. We lost twomatch and we deserved to drop out. `

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