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They all press the Italian football boss for resignation

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The president of the Italian Football Federation, Carlo Taveccio, is under serious pressure to resign after Scuadra Adzura`s failure in the World Cup qualifiers. Senior team coach Canpiero Ventura was fired on Wednesday, two days after the Italians finished 0-0 as a host to Sweden in a rebound and after losing 0-1 in the first match via record for football predictions they failed to qualify for a World Cup for the first time since1958. The influential sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport today calls in its introductory article, the 74-year-old Taviekio to withdraw as he has to bear the blame for the appointment of Ventura as Italian coach. `Not only Ventura, but also Tavekio and everyone else responsible for dropping out of the World Cup, have to leave, and they have shown that they are not doing that, ` he sums up. Tavekio, who was re-elected president of the Italian Football Federation in March, said on Wednesday he has no plans to leave, but will remain to lay the foundations for a new successful national team. The president of the Italian football association, Damiano Tomazzi, has called for the convening of a new election congress. `My vision is that everyone should leave, the president said he would not resign, and the rest of the leadership did not take any position, but new elections are needed, Italian football needs something new and different, ` said Tomasie. Giovanni Malago, president of the Italian Olympic Committee, also believes that Taviekio should withdraw. `Only he can take responsibility - the decision is his. ` Personally, if I was in his place, I would resign, `said Mallo. Torino`s boss Urbano Cairo, who backed Tavekio`s candidacy during his re-election in the spring, also joined the disgruntled. `I highly appreciate it, but when there is a failure of such a monumental dimension, there must be consequences, we can not go on as if nothing has happened, it is not enough now to put a name for a popular coach on the table, forget, `said Cairo.

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