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Fix matches tips Klopp: It wasn`t a good match

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was quite unhappy after Atalanta`s 0-2 loss to Anfield in the Champions League. The coach still congratulated the opponent, but said that it was not a good match.

`It was not a good match. Both teams did not create many situations before the two goals of Atalanta. We deservedly lost in a difficult match. The referee did not play much and that made things even more difficult for both teams. The match was quitetense and needed short breaks. Usually when the first half is over, the players get ready for the match. But we have a lot of players who don`t play often and they had a problem relaxing. They were very tense. We couldn`t find our game`Klopp thinks. He attacked the televisions again due to the fact that his team`s next match forecast by record for fix football predictions is scheduled for Saturday at 14:30 (12:30 English time).

`It`s easier to talk after a good match. We had our moments, but not real opportunities. This can happen to anyone. Now you make us play at 12:30, which is almost a crime. Thisit has nothing to do with the result, congratulations to you. Thumbs up, we have no injuries and we are ahead again, `said the angry German.

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