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Fix matches tips Gervinho beats Genoa

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Parma beat Genoa 2-1 as a guest in the clash between the two teams from the 9th round of Serie A. The guests scored three points with two goals by Gervinho in the 10th and 47th minute. The hosts returned a goal through Eldor Shomurodov, but that was all and they had to swallow the loss. The match mentioned by record for fix football predictions started well for the `Dukes`, who were better on the field and in the 10th minute deservedly opened the score. Juraj Kutska sent a great pass in the corridor for Gervinho, which advanced in speed and calmly realized for 0:1.

At the beginning of the second half the guests doubled. Genoa`s defender did not clear the ball well and sent it to the feet of Gervinho, who without hesitation for the second time entangled it in the net for 0:2.

The hosts reacted quickly and in the 50th minute reduced their gap. Bad intervention of a defender sent the ball to the feet of Eldor Shomurodov, who turned and shot in the door for 1:2.

However, by the end no more goals were scored and Parma left with three points, as he already has 9 and went to16th place in the standings. Genoa remains in the penultimate 19th place with only 5 points won.

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