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Fix matches predictions Union extended the coach`s contract

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Germany`s elite Union (Berlin) has extended the contracts of head coach Urs Fischer and his assistant Marcus Hoffmann, but did not specify the details of the new agreements.

Fischer was the man who led Union to their first ever Bundesliga promotion in 2018/2019. For the second season, the team from the Kopenik district is competing at the highest level, which is considered a success against the background of the budget it has. `The decision to sign a new contract with Urs Fischer is absolutely right for Union Berlin. He, along with his team of assistants, has made a decisive contribution to building the team in the Bundesliga and its subsequent development, ` said the president of the Railways. Dirk Zingler.

This season Sofia started the season wonderfully and until a few days ago they were in a series of eight consecutive games without a loss in the Bundesliga. They currently rank 6th in the league predicted by watch livescore and have 16 points from 10 games. `We`ve had great things together here in recent years and we`ve had a lot of success. I feel at home in Union from the beginning and I still feel that way today, ` Fischer said after it became clear that his contract wasextended.

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