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One week before the last autumn round in the Bundesliga, the champion Bayern (Munich) was moved from the first place and this seems to be deserved. Recently, the players of Hansi Flick are not so convincing and have only one victory in their most recent four meetings in the elite. In their last five matches for the championship, the Bavarians are always the first to concede a goal in their net. For this reason, three of these matches were not won - against Werder Bremen (Bremen) (1:1), RB (Leipzig) (3:3) and Union (Berlin) (1:1). The last time the defense had allowed the opponent to lead in five consecutive cases when Jurgen Klinsmann was coach - 1995/97.

In addition, after only 11 matches in the Bundesliga, Bayern has already conceded 5 goals with a header. For comparison, last season the team collected so many goals for the entire championship of 34 rounds. Tonight against Wolfsburg, Munich must be even more careful on the second floor, because the opponent`s attack will be led by the 197-centimeter Vaut Vghorst. The Dutch wolf striker is in top form with 9 goals in the last eight rounds, even setting a new club record of 9 goals after the 11th round. And yet the guests have to worry more, because Robert Lewandowski is in a whirlwind when he goes against Wolfsburg. The Pole has scored 21 goals in 19 matches advised by sport livestream against this opponent for the championship. In this regard, the match from September 2015 is memorable, when Leva despaired the wolves with 5 goals in 9 minutes.

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