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Fix matches Pirlo: This is Juventus that I want to see

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Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo expressed his satisfaction with the game of his team in the convincing 4-0 victory over Parma.
`Cristiano Ronaldo was very angry with himself after missing a penalty in the last game, but fortunately he didn`t have much time to think about it and immediately got the chance to show how much he likes to score goals. We weren`t happy with the result on Wednesday, butOur performance then was good. In the match against Parma we wanted to regain the points we lost against Atalanta and I think we achieved it. Tonight I saw this Juventus I want to watch. We needed this game mentioned by watch livescore and our strikers Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata needed to get back to the goals, we had to work as a team and Aaron Ramsey also had a very good game. `Not just me, but the players. I like the high press when the opponent has control of the ball. We can get it back quickly, and that allows us to control the match. The boys are starting to understand that and we`re getting better with every game. `

We already know that we are on the right track and that we will have such an attitude in every match, regardless of whether it is against Parma or Barcelona. We have to press hard, be aggressive and win the ball back to control the match. Weston McKenna is great at winning the ball, but he`s also very strong when we attack. He is young and has to work on his technique, but it will happen. Since we didn`t have time for pre-season training or even controls, we tried some things from our first game. As time went on, we realized that the positions of certain players had to change and we made some adjustments. We play with two midfielders who can become three when we are in transition.

Morata was our first choice to step up the attack. Atletico Madrid just didn`t want to let him go, so we looked for other options. We knew that Morata was the perfect striker for our team. When he is in strong shape physically and mentally, he is capable of anything. Alvaro was very disappointed with the last match and the criticism he received. However, I told him that he works very hard for the team and that sometimes you just miss. As long as he moves in this way and takes these positions, the goals will come on their own, `said Pirlo after the match.

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