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Fix games tips Brooklyn dominates again, and Kyrie destroys her former team

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One of the favorites in the Eastern Conference, the Brooklyn Nets, took the second straight step since the start of the new NBA campaign. After the 26-point victory over Golden State, last night the boys of the legend Steve Nash beat the 17-time champion Boston Celtics as a guest with a difference of 28 points - 123:95 (26:22, 25:32, 35:23, 37:18). ) in TD Garden.

Kyrie Irving played her first official match in the hall of the `Celts` since leaving the team in 2019. The playmaker of the `nets` took care to destroy his former team and finished the match prediction by watch sport events with 37 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists in shooting 13/21. Kevin Durant was also under steam and finished the game with 29 points in 9/16 shooting from the game. Karis Levert added 10 points from the Nets bench.

Jaylan Brown and Jason Tatum tried to keep the Celtics in the game, but their efforts simply did not end against the two-headed monster of Brooklyn in the face of KD and Kyrie. Brown led the list of scorers for Boston with 27 points and 8 rebounds, while Tatum remained with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Marcus Smart scored 13 points and made 6 assists.

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