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Fix game Zidane: I hope one day Jovic scores the same for Real M.

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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is pleased with what he saw in Luka Jovic`s second debut for Eintracht (Frankfurt). In his first match for the team after the transfer, the striker scored two goals in half an hour of play. He had had so many goals in his entire season at the Santiago Bernabeu in a season and a half.

Jovic? It`s easy to criticize me, but I`m happy for him. I wish him all the best at Eintracht and hopefully one day he will score for Real as well. It`s a difficult place here and even I felt like a footballer. It makes a big difference whether you are at Real or not. Luca is only 21 years old and has a future in Madrid, as does everyone else. The competition with us is great, said the French specialist.

Luka Jovic with a dizzying return for Eintracht

Zizou was again asked if he wanted Kylian Mbappe in his team. These days, the Brazilian legend Ronaldo commented that great players like that of Paris Saint-Germain have the right to decide for themselves where to play. In the end, things are exactly like that - said the coach. - But everyone has a contract and it is not a good idea to get involved in things that are not our job. Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vazquez have expiring contracts and it is still unclear whether they will re-sign with Los Blancos: I am not worried that the two have not extended their contracts. Both Sergio and Lucas have been at Real for many years and have always been professionals. We`ll see what happens. Tomorrow night Real Madrid will host the third division Alcoyano in a match predictions by watch sport events of the Spanish Cup.

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