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Fix game tip Kyrie and Durant save Brooklyn for first victory in the era of the Grand Trio

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The Brooklyn Nets recorded their first victory in the era of the `Big Trio`. Last night, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden led the `nets` to a difficult victory over the Miami Heat with 128:124 (36:25, 30:31, 30:26, 32:42) in a meeting of the regular season of the NBA. In this way, the Nets stopped their negative series of two consecutive defeats and increased their balance to 10 wins and 8 losses. Heath, who were without Jimmy Butler, Tyler Hiro and Avery Bradley, are 13th with an asset of 6-9.

Success did not come easily for Steve Nash. Although Brooklyn took an early lead of 11 points in the first quarter and a 14-point lead at the end of the third period, Miami returned to the game with a series of 13:0 at the beginning of the last period and thus came close to one point from the opponent. - Durant and Kyrie, however, combined for 25 of Brooklyn`s 32 points by the end of the section and managed to beat the Miami team for the final 128:124.

However, the problems in defending the Nets` super team continue. New Yorkers have conceded at least 120 points in each of their last 4 games according watch livescore and at least 115 in 7 of their last 8 games.
Kevin Durant scored 31 points for the success of Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving left 28 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists, and Joe Harris recorded a strong game and scored 23 points with 7 three-pointers. James Harden took on the role of playmaker again and was left with only 12 points, but also 7 rebounds and 11 assists in shooting 2/8 of the game. Jeff Green scored 11 points from the bench.

For Miami, Bam Adebayo scored a record 41 points in his career, adding 5 rebounds and 9 assists. The center of the `hot` shoots 14/20 from the game and 12/14 from the penalty line on the way to its record achievement. Goran Dragic scored 19 points and made 7 assists, while Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nun added 18 points each.
The two teams meet once again on Tuesday at 2:30, and the meeting is again in Brooklyn - at the `Barclays Center`.

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