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Fix games tips A new racist scandal in England after the loss of Manchester United last night

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A new racist scandal is about to break out in English football, after two of the Manchester United players - Anthony Marcial and Axel Tuanzebe were the subject of a series of racist comments at his address last night after the loss to Sheffield United, according to a number of media outlets. Albion.
The French striker played a full 90 minutes, and the defender, who made several serious mistakes, was replaced in the 83rd. The attacks against the two players were carried out from different accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. Manchester United have issued an official statement condemning racist insults.

Everyone at Manchester United is disgusted by the racist insults that were directed at the players via social media after last night`s match. We completely condemn them and it is encouraging to see that other fans are doing the same. Manchester United has zero tolerance for any form of racism or discrimination and a long-standing commitment to campaign against it through its All Red All Equal campaign. Identifying these anonymous reckless idiots remains problematic. We call on social media platforms and regulators to step up measures to prevent this type of behavior, the club predicted by fix winning football picks said in a statement.

In addition, the Red Devils released an official banner against racism, which was posted on their social networks. In addition, the two players received support from their teammates, who also strongly condemned the racist insults to them in their own social media profiles. Some time ago, Manchester United had a similar case with Paul Pogba, who was also the target of a racist attack.

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