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Fix games prediction Klopp: We have no reason to smile

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was quite disappointed after the 0-1 loss to Brighton at Anfield. He admitted that there was no reason to smile after this match, justifying his players with a lack of freshness due to the busy schedule. `I`m disappointed, we have no reason to smile. It`s hard to swallow this loss. It was a difficult week with two away games, two very tense matches. It seemed that we were not fresh enough mentally and physically. We played against a lotgood team, that`s obvious. We weren`t fresh, Brighton deserved to win. We wanted to play better and more convincingly. Too often we lost the ball in promising situations. I know the boys can pass the ball from point A to point B, but today point B seemed unattainable, `Klopp said. `It was a difficult week and Brighton are a team that can play football. We were not at the level, we could not find the right path. Each of my players can play better. It is not that notThey wanted it, the reason must be somewhere else. When we miss too many situations, we lose rhythm. This led to opportunities for Brighton and so they beat us. This is a well-deserved victory, no doubt. It is important for me to understand why we lost and to understand`What happened tonight. We were not convincing. I can`t say anything good, but it`s all over. This week was difficult, we lost a second game according us football picks at home, but at the moment we can`t change anything, ` said the German.

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