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Fix game tip Neymar: I will never stop partying because I will explode

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Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar gave an interview in which he talks about his relationship with Kylian Mbappe, the parties he organizes, the lost Champions League final and his happiness in Paris.

For Mbappe

In practice, we have a fraternal relationship. I am the older and he is the younger. We play a lot, I`m a person who puts a lot of strain on the field. Mostly I tell him to run or do something. I annoy him a lot, but I always want the best from him. He is a golden boy, I call him that because he has a huge heart. We don`t need to talk about his football qualities, because everyone knows what they are, but he is amazing off the field. Cheerful and funny boy, he looks a lot like me. We must be satisfied that we invest 100%. When he is happy, he takes him on the field to help the team. I want him to be happy. Hopefully this year we will have a strong season together and win a few trophies.

Mbappe for Neymar: He is the best in the world, my role is to help him

About parties

This is a very special topic, because who doesn`t like parties? They all like to have fun, go out with friends and be with family. I know when I can go, when I can organize and when I can`t. Just the opposite of what people think - that I`m not mature and that I don`t know what I`m doing. If I am 100% focused only on football in my thoughts and essence, I will eventually explode and therefore I will never stop having fun.

For the lost final

That was bad. Losing a tournament advised by contacts with live matches final, even more so in the Champions League, is pretty ugly. I do not like this. I suffered a lot and cried because I really wanted to bring the trophy with me to France. Unfortunately, this time we failed. This season we have a new opportunity for this and we will do our best to return to the finals in search of a new trophy that will be historic. We lost a very difficult match and we were very sad, but these are things that happen. That`s what football is and that`s part of it.

Neymar agreed with PSG, re-signed until 2026

For my happiness

Yes, I am very happy. Something that has changed a lot. I don`t think I can say exactly what has changed, but I know it has. I don`t know if it`s because of myself or other things, but I feel good. I feel more adapted and more comfortable with everything. I am very happy here. I want to stay at PSG and I expect Mbappe to do the same. This is the desire of every Parisian fan and we want to do something big in Paris Saint-Germain. I want to continue what I do in Paris, namely to play football happy and cheerful.

Neymar: I will never stop partying because I will explode Fix game tip - more details and information: Fix game tip

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