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Fix games prediction David Alaba announces his future today

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Bayern Munich defender David Alaba will officially announce the decision for his future today, Bild claims. He is expected to confirm what has been talked about for a long time, namely that he will part with the Bavarians after the end of the season, when his contract expires.

People close to the player claim that his desire is to continue his career at Real Madrid. The `Royal Club` is interested in him, but at this stage the two countries still do not have a formal transfer agreement.

The interest in the 28-year-old Austrian is great, so he will be able to choose the best offer. He is also wanted by Barcelona, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and others. Alaba is a teenager at Bayern Munich and has spent most of his career with the Bavarians, being sent on loan to Hoffenheim in 2011 for just one season. Initially, he acted as an inner midfielder, but in recent years he has been retrained as a left-back and central defender.

Alaba has 415 games and 33 goals with Bayern, and it is also the national team of Austria with 76 games according how to buy football picks and 14 goals.

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