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Fix game Ex-coach of Real Madrid Morais on the situation around Ronaldo: The competence of the coach in resolving conflicts is important. It`s no coincidence that Cristiano respects Ferguson so much

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Former Real Madrid coach Jose Morais spoke about the situation with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Earlier, the Manchester United striker gave an interview in which he criticized the club.

- Being a special coach means knowing how to deal with situations like the one that is happening now. Positive communication. Establishing trust depends on factors that are related to a person`s personal development. The best coach is better at dealing with these situations.

Usually the player is younger than the coach and is at a different level of personal development, and on our site the coach`s competence in resolving possible conflicts is very important.

- What is expected of a Manchester United manager is what Alex Ferguson is even today. That Cristiano has such admiration and respect for Ferguson is not a coincidence, " Morais said.

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