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Fix match tip Washington won`t start peresthree points while Ovechkin goes for Gretzky`s record. Leonsis said there will be no sale

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Washington will not go into peresthree points while Alexander Ovechkin goes to Gretzky`s record.

The captain of the capitals is in 3rd place in goals in NHL history (797), behind only Wayne Gretzky (894) and Gordie Howe (801).

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis said the club prediction by fix football partners will not be having a sale this season.

Now only 10 players on the team have contracts for the 2023/24 season, including only one main defender (John Carlson).

I`m not going to repeat what happened last time [in the 2003/04 season] and trade everyone. Yes, young players will join the team.

But we are not going to start peresthree points. For me, restructuring is when you look players, coaches and fans in the eye and tell them that we will be very, very bad.

If we play very badly, I don`t think Alex will break the record, " Leonsis said.
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