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Freiburg halted the failure of success over Mainz 05

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Freiburg`s team stopped their negative series of 3 consecutive losses and a total of 5 games without winning their Bundesliga account. This happened after a 2-1 win in the home of Mainz 05 in the 13th round. For the guests, this was the end of the series of three consecutive games without defeat. The hosts led in the 51st minute of the match. Then Dani Lattsa was fatally wrong, returning unconsciously back, Nils Petersen responded lightly and stole the ball, then scored in the empty door for 1:0. The second goal for Freiburg came only in the first minute of the added time. Then, after a great counterattack, Florian Cat emerged behind the defense and coolly realized for 2:0. A minute later, Mainz managed to make his loss a little more honorable. Emil Berggren was dropped into the penalty area, he took control, turned and scored for the final advised by football picks 2:1. After this victory, Freiburg came out of the danger zone and is now 15th with 11 points. Mainz is ranked 12th with 15 points.



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