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Fix match Kokorin about how Caceres made fun of him in Fiorentina: He drove my car into the field at the gate, tied my flip flops

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Alexander Kokorin told how Martin Caceres made fun of him in Fiorentina.

Who was responsible for the humor and jokes in Fiorentina? Now Argentinean Gonzalez. And before that, there was the Uruguayan Caceres. High-quality jokes constantly flew to me from Caceres, he`s really done well, he gained experience.

What did he do . . . I came to the base on Smart, and he could roll it out onto the field and drive the car right into the gate. He guessed the moment when I left the locker room and took the keys. Then I go out onto the field, I look: my car is at the gate. I immediately realized that it was him - such a scumbag alone in the team.

At the moment he got me. We sat next to each other in the locker room. He`ll either tie my flip flops or do something else.

The funniest thing he did: remember those old Nokia 3310 phones? He took it, hung it in my place and wrote on the bottom: a prison phone, ` Arisa`s forward said in an interview with the Kolos YouTube channel.

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