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Fix games tips Mourinho asked Terry and Cahill to collide and fall in the box if Chelsea led 1-0 in the end: Jose did everything to win

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John Terry shared his memories of working with Jose Mourinho.

Roma`s current coach worked with Terry at Chelsea from 2004 to 2007 and from 2013 to 2015.

Mourinho wanted to win. He didn`t care about the rest, he did everything to win.

I remember there was a rule in case we won 1-0 and the ball flew into our penalty area. Two defenders collided in the fight for the ball and both then fell to the lawn. In this case, it was not necessary to leave the field.

So in the last 10-15 minutes he was telling Gary Cahill and me: When the ball is in the box, bump into each other and fall. Both of you will not be forced to leave the field.

We have never heard of this rule. And now the ball is in the penalty area, I knock it out with my head, Gary falls. I think: It`s better for me to fall. I fall on the lawn, and the referee says: Both of you are off the field. I said: No, this is not according to the rules, ask the side referee.

Mourinho was ahead of everyone in such details. The best coaches always find those little loopholes. Incredible.

If we were 2 or 3 goals away against some teams like Tottenham, he would say: Go and finish them off, make them suffer today, ` the ex-Chelsea defender told beIN Sports.

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