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Fix matches tips ATP Youth Final Tournament. 1/2 finals. Stricker will play with Lehechka, Nakashima - with Draper

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Jiri Lehechka and Brandon Nakashima reached the final of the youth final prediction by fix football picks tournament.

Matches are played in a five-set format, but in sets the game goes up to four games. When the score is 3:3, a tie-break is held. When the score is 40:40, a decisive point is played in the game.

Jiri Lehechka (Czech Republic) - Dominik Striker (Switzerland) - 4:1, 4:3(4), 2:4, 4:1

Brandon Nakashima (USA) - Jack Draper (Great Britain) - 4:3(6), 1:4, 4:2, 4:3(5)
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