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Another Bayern confirmed the Ancelotti problem

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Bayern Munich (Kielce) Kingsley Commander said the team had a lot of pressure at the start of the season. The team recorded a few poor results from about football picks , including a 0:3 defeat from Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, which cost the post of senior coach Carlo Ancelotti. `In the beginning of the season, the team was not that good, and there was tension between us, so I think Ancelotti`s departure was logical, ` said Coman, who scored one goal for 3-1 win over Hanover 96 inSaturday in the Bundesliga. Other Bayern players such as Robert Lewandowski, Mats Hummel, Jerome Boateng, Franck Ribery and others. , and even President Uli Hoynes have already admitted that things at Carleta were not `pink`.

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