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Fix match Conte on the death of Mihailovic and Vialli: We need to devote more time to family, friends and ourselves. Work is not your whole life

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Antonio Conte believes that family and friends are more important than football.

The Tottenham head coach has lost three close friends in less than 4 months. In October 2022, Tottenham fitness trainer Can Piero Ventrone, in December Sinisa Mihajlovic, in January this year Canluca Vialli.

We often attach great importance to our work and forget about family. We forget that we should have more time for ourselves. This season makes me think seriously about the future.

When work is our focus, we may forget to stay with family and friends. This is our passion, and because of passion we have lost a lot.

But when this happens, you start to think that maybe it would be nice to spend more time with family and friends, as well as with yourself. Work is not the whole of life, said the Tottenham head coach.
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