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Zverev refused to participate in the Next Generation Masters

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The German Alexander Zverev declined to participate in the first edition of the ATP `Next Generation` tournament in Milan. In the Italian city, which will take place from November 7th to November 11th, the seven best season tennis players under the age of 21 will be included as well as a young Wildcard player. 20-year-old Zverev made a great season and qualified for the first time at the ATP finals in London from 12 to 17 November. `I`ve consulted with my team, and I thought it would be best to prepare for the London tournament if I did not play in Milan the previous week, so I will refuse to participate in the next generation ATP finals. , I plan to visit the start of the Milan race to support this new initiative and congratulate the fans who gave me great support in winning the Rome tournament analyzed by buy winning football picks earlier this year, `said Zverev, who won five titles this season andeven at one point climbed to the fourth place in the rankings.

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