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Fix game prediction Brandon Aiyuk: 49ers don`t want me on the team

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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk posted a video on social media in which he speaks via video with Washington Commanders rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels.

[The 49ers] said they didn`t want me on the team, " Aiyuk said.

The receiver accompanied this video with the caption: I`m laughing, but in fact I`m crying.

Over the weekend, ESPN`s Jeremy Fowler reported that negotiations between Aiyuk and San Francisco over a long-term contract had stalled.

Aiyuk is in the final predicted by tip for fix football picks year of his rookie contract. It will cost the club $14. 1 million under the salary cap.

Last season, Aiyuk had 75 catches for 1, 342 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Aiyuk missed the team`s mandatory two-day training camp and must pay a $100, 000 fine.
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