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Fix games Charles Leclerc: I thought we would all collide at the start

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Leclerc shared his emotions after the podium in Miami.
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc finished third at the Miami Grand Prix and spoke about a dangerous episode in the first turn.

It was a very difficult situation at the start. Checo [Perez] was on the inside path of me. I didn`t take off very well; I immediately had a slip.

I saw Cheko on the right, but there was very little grip, so he blocked the wheels. I thought we were all going to collide, but luckily for everyone we all made it out of the first

Then I had to focus on my race. Again, the pace was a little lacking today. We did our best, but the timing of the safety car wasn`t ideal for us and we ended up on older tyres. But everything turned out quite well, and third position is the best result analyzed by sport livestream we could achieve. So we are happy, " Leclerc noted.

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