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Fix games tips Zac Brown: Newey is the first domino to fall at Red Bull - and not the last, I guess

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Brown predicted a domino effect at Red Bull following the loss of Newey.
McLaren chief executive Zak Brown said he was expecting more changes at Red Bull following the announcement of the departure of legendary designer Adrian Newey.

Am I surprised? Six months ago this would have surprised me. Considering everything that has happened since the beginning of the year and knowing Adrian quite well - he is a man of high integrity - I am not surprised.

He moves on. In my opinion, the things that are happening [at Red Bull] are having a somewhat destabilizing effect. Perhaps this is the first domino to fall. I guess it won`t be the last, given the CVs that are flying around, " Zach said at the Miami Grand Prix.

Brown was asked to clarify the last remark.

Yes, we have seen an increase in the number of resumes sent our way from this team.

I consider Adrian the most successful designer of all time. In addition to the technical knowledge he brings, people want to work for someone like Adrian Newey, work alongside him. "I think the team will miss his contribution in a purely technical sense, as well as his managerial qualities and the excitement that people feel when working with him, " the manager responded.

At the same time, Zak said that McLaren did not enter the race for Newey:

As for McLaren, I am very pleased with the work of all the men and women. So I have all the faith in the world in our team. Our task is to return to the top. And I believe that we have the people, the talent, the equipment and the riders to do it. We`ll just continue on our way.

With a resume and track record like this, Adrian will add value to any racing team. But we are very happy with our trajectory.

Never say never. However, I am very happy with the team, the technical leaders and the way Andrea [Stella] is managing the racing team.

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