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Jose (II Episode):City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are not big clubs

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Immediately after the 2:2 draw against Burnley Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho managed to keep his emotions in the first interview - for the television that holds the rights to broadcast the duels. Then, however, in the conversations with the other media, the Portuguese switched on at the familiar speed. He leapt over Manchester City, with whom the Reds are compared. According to Mow, citizens are far from being a big club. Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea were also targeted. Manchester City buys extreme defenders at the cost of strikers, Indignant Outrages, referring to Josephine Guardiola given 102 million pounds for Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendi.

`When you talk about a big club, you mean the story of the club, ` Mourinho`s tirade continued. - One is to be a big club, another is to be a big team. When you talk about a club`s obligation to win the Premier League, then Tottenham is not obliged. This is not a club with a story like ours. The same goes for Arsenal and Chelsea. We are in the second season of the process to try and rebuild a team that is not the best in the world now. My boys do everything in their power and they do well. But we have won 8 points out of 15 possible? For the last two matches we had 15 goals and at the same time we allowed three laps.

The journalists immediately reminded the coach that since he had come to Old Trafford, he spent 286, 2 million pounds for new players against 360 million for Guardiola. This is not enough, it is not. The price for big clubs is not the same as the rest. Historically large clubs are usually punished for this on the market, Jose added, hinting that in transfers, other teams want more money than traditionally more popular clubs according sport livestream like Manchester United.

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