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Liverpool slipped three points from Burnley with a goal in the last few seconds

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Liverpool came to a 2-1 victory at a visit to Burnley in a dramatic way. Defender Ragnar Clavan scored in the 94th minute after Gudmundson scored just three minutes before the end of regular time. Sadio Mane scored the first goal in the game according record for football predictions after an hour`s game.

Juergen Klop made seven changes in his squad, missing the injured Mohammed Salah, Kouttinho and Firmino, who was on the bench. This time his rotation led to a successful end, though it happened with a certain amount of luck. Merseyside scored a third consecutive victory in the league and leveled on points with third Manchester United who is playing later today and are lagging behind a second Chelsea who is facing Arsenal on Wednesday. Despite the changes in Liverpool, the team started in their usual aggressive style. Lalana, who first came out as a champion this season, did the first shot, but he was inaccurate. Merseyside had a great advantage in knowing the ball, but the hosts managed to organize an excellent attack at the ninth minute. Ashley Barnes was put in a good position and the ball went wide.

Burnley Goalkeeper Nick Pope had to intervene after an attack by Oklahide-Chamberlain, and later Lalana made a decisive sword that prevented Gudmundson from going alone against Mignole. In the second half of the half-time, Shawn Dach`s team looked more often at the guest door. The Mossaids` hawk line did not deal in a defensive plan, and the defense was showing a hesitation. The best situation was in front of Arfield, who made a good shot, but a little out of the door. Earlier, Solanke did not take advantage of Liverpool`s good chance. He got the ball into the penalty box, but he took her too hard and allowed Bardsley to clear.

Liverpool tried to push in at the start of the second half but did not reach a goal position. It was not possible to see how it would get to the goal if it did not lead to a gross mistake or an individual`s good appearance. That`s exactly what happened. In an hour`s time came Sadio Mane, who had not done anything serious since the start of the game. The ball came to him in the penalty box after a ricochet, he turned and, with a terrible blow, directed it to the net. There was a strong period for Clop`s team that did not allow Burnley to react. The Merseyside dominated, but the most serious situation they had reached was a nice distant strike by Alexander-Arnold, who was rescued by Pope. As the hosts approached, they became more aggressive, and their rival played more cautiously. Liverpool`s defense did not do well after a static position, the ball came to Ashley Barnes, who fired at the volley but away from the door. 83 minutes into the game, Oklahoma-Chamberlain`s counterattacks led to a free kick, but the home side`s keeper made a great save. Minhole also had to interfere with Vox`s head. Three minutes before the end, Burnley came to a leveling. Taylor`s centering was deflected by Vauks and Gudmundson finished off the far beam. Did Liverpool seem to miss the victory once again?

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