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Break:A historic match to be talked about in 20 years!

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Liverpool has become the first team to lose Manchester City in the Premier League season. The Reds defeated Joceph Guardiola with 4:3, though their success could be even more convincing. Jerseys manager Jurgen Klop did not save his superlatives to his players and called the Anfield fight historically. The players around the world have watched and were pleased that the players played with heart and soul - this is a historic match to be talked about and after 20 years, because it looks like City will not lose again until the end of the season, `says happy Clap. `We played at a very high level and created huge problems for the rival I know my team and in the last few minutes I did not worry that we could have another goal but it was very tense, ` the German did not conceal.

`When the teams have the right attitude and it is combined with their mastery, there are such games that I have liked, yes, Loris Karius has scored a goal after a shot in the near corner and knows he made a mistake. of City also partly blamed for Muhammad Salah`s goal but no one is talking about it We will see how this result according buy winning football picks will affect us We have scored 4 goals after the transfer of Coutinho and that`s great We have scored 3 goals which is not very good, but the most important thing is that we have won, deservedly, `concluded Clap.

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