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And Milwaukee stood in the queue for Yu Darvish

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Milwaukee Brewers is another MLB team that has a bid for pitcher Yu Darvish. The Japanese free agent is currently the most appetizing bite in the market and in a queue for her this winter has been stacked his former Texas Rangers Club, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins and Champion Houston Astros. For the first 5 seasons and a half of his career in the Premier League, the 31-year-old right-hander bears the Rangers uniform (2012-2017) before being transferred to the Los Angeles Dodgers last summer. Darvis helped the `rogues` to reach the World Series for the first time since 1988, but the team backed away in seven `astronauts` matches.

According to ESPN, the Japanese has now proposed a 5-year contract, but it is not clear whether it is from the `brewers` or another team. Yu himself initially shared in Twitter the news that his name had been associated with Milwaukee but then wiped out the post.

There is currently only a laconic message to another user:`Do not worry about my life, this is my Free Agency. ` It responds to a Cubs fan`s call not to come to his favorite team:`You are a good player, not a great one, so take your millions and just sign somewhere, dude. `

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