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Verona strengthened with a Serbian national

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Broken Verona has a new addition. The club predicted by buy winning football picks from the city of Romeo and Juliet hired the defender of Olympiacos Yagos Vukovic. The contract also includes an option allowing Verona to buy the Serbian national after the season.

Vukusic recorded more than 100 games for Konyporr before signing with Olympiacos last summer. However, he failed to get into the Greek Grand Prix and chose to continue his career in the A Series.

The 29-year-old Serb is the second new defender in the team, after the young Romanian Deyan Boldor was recently attracted. Verona takes the penultimate 19th place with only 13 points. In the next round, Fabio Pequia`s team is visiting Fiorentina.

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