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Tottenham takes Moura by the end of the week

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Tottenham will finish the transfer of the Paris Saint-Germain Lucas Moura`s wing this weekend, says Mirrer. Londoners will pay for the Brazilian 22million pounds as the player himself arrived in the English capital yesterday and spoke with team manager Mauriceio Pocetino and President Daniel Levy. The 25-year-old Mora will be Tottenham`s first new addition for this winter. One of the proses for the English club via watch livescore is that it can play for the Spurs in the Champions League, as the Brazilian has not recorded minutes in the tournament with the PSG team so far.

Interest in Mora was from Borussia (Dortmund) and Seville, and a few weeks ago his name was also associated with Manchester United. According to Mirr, the player`s own desire was to play in the Premier League.

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