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Clop:We are ourselves guilty

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop did not hide his big disappointment after losing to West Bromwich. The Reds retreated 2:3 to Anfield and for the third year in a row they dropped in the FA Cup 4th round. `I know why we allowed the goals, the second came after a bad game in defense of the whole team, we did not have to defend this way, we did not score a penalty, and in the episode with the third goal there was an ambush. We returned a goal, but it was too late. `When you fail at first, it is very difficult then to demonstrate your best game, ` said Clap.

`In the end, the rival was trying to slow down time, but that`s normal, and West Bromwich won the victory because he scored three goals and we both - they played well and fought with passion, and we are to blame for the loss, ` added the German. Liverpool has made three hits in his home in two consecutive home games via watch sport events for the first time in 11 years. It was the last time that happened in 2007, when Merseyside lost 1:3 and 3:6 to Arsenal for the FA Cup and the League Cup.

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