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What was the key to the 20th title of Federer`s Helmet?

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Grand Slam titles record holder Roger Federer once again conquered the Australian Open and raised his 20th-largest trophy to Marin Chilich in five sets - 6:2, 6:7 (5), 6:3, 3:6, 6:1. ATP statistician Craig O`Neill Shaney analyzed the battle for the Melbourne award and pointed to the key to the Maestro`s success - his dominance in short races (up to 4 strokes).

Number of Federer-Cichlich Finals Finals according to their duration:

0 - 4 strokes:76% (212)

5 - 8 strokes:19% (52)

9 ormore strikes:5% (16)

Points scored in the different games:

0 - 4 strokes:120 for Federer, 92 for Chillic

5 - 8 strokes:25 for Federer, 27 for Chillic

9 or more:7 for Federer, 9 for Chillic

The breakdown shows that Croat has a slight advantage in longer run, but Federer`s advance in the short to 4 strokes is huge - 28 points wonmore. This is not just about his strategy for serve games advised by record for football predictions but also about the rhetoric, which he also tried and combined successfully with a subsequent winner. Also, the Swiss player scored 24 aces in the final, while Chillic managed to place 16, and before the trophy battle the Croatian had a strong advantage over this against his opponent - 107:71. Cilich was more successful in the number of non-finals serving the final, but in the duel itself he lagged behind and 41:48 in favor of the Swiss.

Placement of Federer`s first service:

Dusse field

- 26 diagonal

- 2 in the receiving body

- 22 in the center of the court


- 17 in the diagonal

- 2 in the welcoming body

15 in the center of the court

Federer successfully used a diagonal seamless service to push his opponent from the court withthe initial strike, and this proved to be a winning tactic, because the Croat returned only 38% (13/24) of these servers. Beckhand`s Croatian republics from the Dusk field were more successful - 54% (19/35). Curiously, Federer had to score 9 break points in the final and scored the first serve in only three of the time while Cilic relied on his first bid in eight of the 13 breaks. However, this did not prove decisive, especially in the last fifth set in which the Maestro made two beats and saved two break points to close the match convincingly by 6:1.

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