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Patrice Evra signs with West Ham

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West Ham is the next stop in the career of French midfielder Patrice Evra, says Sky Sports. It is expected that the deal will be shaped today, which is possible, as the former French captain and Manchester United star is a free agent. Evra is highly valued by manager David Moyes, with whom they worked together at Old Trafford in the 2013/2014 season. Everton also wanted Evra, but the Frenchman has chosen the Londoners proposal.

Eura for the last game via watch livescore in French Marseille, but was fired after kicking a fan in his head before a Europa League match. The footballer justified his behavior by being provoked, but the leadership had no choice but to release him. UEFA also punished Europe until June 2018, but this only applies to European tournaments and does not prevent it from participating in domestic championships.

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