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Cut off! Barca played weakly and unexpectedly lost points at home

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The Leader in Primera Barcelona surprisingly failed to beat Getafe in a 23rd home game played at Camp Nou. Lionel Messi and the company offered a lot of lean production and set an antidote in the first half after they did not make a right hit. The Catalans` bad step allowed Atletico Madrid to dream of the championship title. `Matuskaci` are already at seven points from the top position. Real Madrid`s current champion is 17 points and a match less.

Ernesto Valverde relied on a curious central couple in defense. The new addition, Jeri Mina, was partnered with Luca Din. Philippe Coutinho fell into the starting lineup instead of Andres Iniesta to play on the left side of the midfield. Lionel Messi was behind Paco Alcasser and Luis Suarez. Pepe Bordalas stacked 4-5-1 with Angel Rodriguez as the central striker. The meeting started with a high press of the guests. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen made a spectacular twist against Angel in the first minute. `Los Cules` hardly organized their game, and the Castilian team acted with self-confidence. In the 13th Jerry Mina mistakenly fired and gave rise to a dangerous counter for Heta. Sergio Buscques returned quickly and made a very important swing to cross a seeming goal shot at Amath Hendrix. Buscats actively helped the two central defenders in their 300 league match in La Liga. The Catalans attacked mostly on the left with Jordi Alba, but his backslides in most cases did not find the desired addressee. In the 20th Buscakes he was wrong with the opponent`s penalty area and the boys from Coliseum Alfonso Perez quickly regrouped in an assault. Ter Stegen walked a dozen meters in front of his field to clear his foot. In the 23rd Jeri Mina found himself in the penalty area of the guests but did not tame in the best way and his shot was blocked.

The 32nd Blaugranas created their first mild position at the door of Vicente Guaita. Ivan Rakitic centering in the penalty area, Messi mastered his chest, but did not manage to shoot, overtaken by a defender. In the 40th, Kouttinho lost his possession and with a single shot showed a great chance for a goal. Angel Rodriguez stood against Jerry Mina and shot from the arc - very close to the corner in the corner. A minute later Gaku Shibasaki got into the box but chose something middle between centering and kick and Ter Stegen did.

In the 44th Luis Suarez stretched the net, but with an ambush flag. The Uruguay reacted violently, but the repetitions showed that ambush was there. In general, boys from the Madrid suburb played harder in the first part and created the better goals. Barcelona finished the first half without an accurate shot at the home match according sport livestream in Primera for the first time since April 21, 2012 (against Real Madrid).

During the second half, the barcellons woke up but again lacked creativity in the attack. The guests stood up tight and stood up to their rivals as much as possible. The first shot at Getafe`s door appeared in the 50th minute when Kouttinho did not hurt Guaita. In 56th, Alba turned left, headed for the rainbow where Alcasser assisted Luis Suarez, and Lucio`s instant shot was not accurate enough. Po?

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